Important! Read This Before You Buy an Expired Domain Name and Regret About It

Buying an expired domain can help you boost your online presence considerably. As a startup business, you may find it fascinating to invest a certain amount in an expired domain, because expired domains not only help in gaining some competitive edge in organic search, they can also send a good amount of direct traffic. But buying an expired domain might not work for everyone and that is why it’s very important to do research before you consider it. Here are a few things that are important for you to choose to buy an expired domain.

Check the expired domain with the Google banned checker

Before you buy an expired domain it is essential that you check if they have been banned by Google. Since Google is the main search engine on the internet, if the domain you are considering to buy is blocked by it, then there really is no point in doing so. However, if you are particularly interested in a certain domain name, or maybe just have a good feeling about the domains potential, then you can use the Google reconsideration request form and see if it can be un-banned by them.

Check the expired domain with Google’s AdSense ban

This, again, is a key when considering to buy an expired domain because there are hundreds of expired domains that are banned by Google’s AdSense. When running a website, you will most likely want to place an AdSense on other supportive websites to help you maintain the costs, so obviously, the website will be of no use to you if it has been banned. The Sandbox checker will help you determine if it has been banned or not by just putting the URL of the domain in the checker. If all ads are displayed, then the domain is safe to use.

Be careful to check the domain’s page ranking

One thing to be aware of, is that there are many expired domains out there that have been manipulated. This is not a good thing and it’s why you should always check the site against a Fake PR checker tool. By doing this, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on fake domain purchases. If it passes the Fake PR checker tool test, than you are safe to purchase the expired domain.

These are only a few things to consider when buying an expired domain, but are very helpful. By implementing these tips, you can make sure that you are buying an expired domain that is safe, will help your business and that you won’t be in a position where you are wasting your money.