I Hope You Did This When You Were Buying an Expired Domain Name

If you are wondering what an expired domain is, it is a domain whose previous owners have not renewed. This usually happens because people forget, or because sometimes people just can’t afford to renew them again, so the domain register gives them a 30 day period in which they can do that. After that period the domain is declared as expired and people are able to purchase it. Here are a few things to consider before you decide to buy an expired domain.

Always check the domain’s DA and PA

DA stands for domain authority, while PA stands for page authority. These are the most important factors to look at when trying to find a quality expired domain and if you are considering purchasing an expired domain, you should try going for one that a DA of 25+.

Check with Google

Before you buy an expired domain, you should check on Google for 2 things. The first thing is to check for a Google AdSense ban. Since you are probably buying a domain to make money online, buying an expired one that has been banned by Google AdSense has no use for you. You can just take the URL and copy it in the AdSense Sandbox Checker. If it shows the ads then you are good to go, if not then the site is banned and you should move on. The second thing you should check is if Google has banned the site from search engines. You can check the domain with the Google banned checker to make sure it is not banned.

Check PageRank

You need to be very careful when checking this since most expired websites have manipulated page ranks and you could find yourself caught in a trap. You should always check the domain you are thinking of buying with Fake PR Checker tools and, just in case, try verifying it with a few other tools as well. This way you won’t find yourself in the position of owning a domain that is useless to you because it has a really bad PageRank that you can do nothing about.

These are only a few things you need to keep an eye out for before deciding to purchase an expired domain. But just sticking to these, should be enough to guarantee that the expired domain you are buying is one that is very good and has good potential to help you create a successful site.