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4 Common Problems You May Face When Transferring a Domain Name

Domain Name Transfer

Domain name transfer is the act of moving a domain name from one registrar to another. Once the whole process is done and dusted, the new registrar will control all the information in the domain and take full responsibility for it. However, for a domain name transfer to be successful, the original registrar must have registered the domain name for more than 60 days. You may choose to transfer your domain name for many reasons, including poor quality services or exploitation from the domain name provider, or you just want to scale your business. Regardless of your reason, domain name transfer is a risky decision to make. You’re bound to encounter the following problems during domain name transfer, especially if your website is up and running:

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Don’t buy a domain name from a web host that is not accustomed to domain name transfer

If your domain is of high-value and is attracting tons of traffic to your website, the last thing you want to think about is your website experiencing downtime when the domain name transfer is underway. The downtime issue will be compounded if your web host is not accustomed to domain name transfer processes. An inexperienced web hosting company is more likely to run into errors in the course of domain name transfer. The problem becomes a lot worse when the same domain name provider is hosting your website. This means that you’ll have to transfer all the website content and other technical aspects to the new domain provider. This is why choosing an accustomed web hosting company from the onset is key.  An accustomed web hosting provider knows the ins and outs of domain transfer and will help you transition to the new provider flawlessly.

Don’t choose a mediocre domain name provider for your domain name registration

Some of the key reasons website owners request for domain name transfers are unresponsive, inefficient and poor customer service from the domain name provider. Most website owners prefer to buy a domain name or register domain name free from their hosting provider. While this is good for convenience in terms of efficient management of your website, a mediocre or in effective host can be a pain in the neck. They may be unwilling to transfer the domain name and come up with excuses to make the whole process as painful and costly as possible. They may even switch off your web hosting services with immediate effect, stop sending emails to you, start to get rid of year files from their servers and start to alter DNS records in a bid to prevent you from having a backup. It can get nasty.

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You may run into mailing problems if you choose to buy a domain name from an inefficient host

Mailing problems typically manifest as a result of DNS problems. They may also occur due to a completely different configuration on the new domain host provider. This is why you have to plan meticulously beforehand to ensure DNS records are transferred first before anything else. Established host providers will get around this issue by offering you a different email configuration to access email through various software. They will also give warnings of an imminent downtime when the transfer reaches a critical stage. This will enable you to plan accordingly.

Site downtime is inevitable during domain name transfer after you buy a domain name

Another certain issue you should expect when domain name transfer is underway is site downtime. Transferring a domain to another server can take hours or even days for your website to start running as usual. During this process, efficient web hosting companies can still allow your clients to visit your records through your old website. But, one thing is for sure, it will not be business as usual.


Domain name transfer is a time-consuming process, which can inconvenience your day-to-day running of your business website. This is why you must put up a comprehensive back up plan to deal with these problems. It is advisable always to choose an established web hosting provider whenever you want to create a website to minimize these domain transfer problems.

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